Daily Life

Garden Shower Puts the Win Into Winter

It’s raining today, and while that would normally be grounds for disappointment, considering the dryness of the year, the precipitation is actually welcome.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in Kangaeroo Corner.

The sprinkle made the garden sparkle.

The yard always looks nicer after good rainfall, which makes the greenery glisten.

I’m still in pretty much full-time panic mode, so I woke before 3 a.m., had brekkie and readied myself to head out on my customary morning ride.

After I kitted up and readied, I looked outside in the dark and noticed raindrops falling into the bird bath. I opened the door and learned the rain was falling harder than expected, and too hard to go riding on rim brakes alone.

I had to go out later anyway, as I was supposed to have periodontal treatment. I got on my bike, headed out into the rain and rode just long enough to get drenched as a phone call came. It was from my dentist and they cancelled my appointment.

Ho hum. At least the consolation was to get to write a post and take some photos for posterity. And I could call Kangaeroo Mum!