Daily Life


Mrs. Kangaeroo never ceases to amaze me with her brilliance in whatever she turns her hand to (the sole exception being her choice of men, but let’s not point out that one too much!). Today, it’s bouquets to her. Or, from her, to be more accurate.

Our wattle trees are finally starting to bloom thickly, if not quite spectacularly, but Australia’s national flower still looks wonderful as it signals the onset of spring in Kangaeroo Corner from its silver and golden varieties.

Early this morning, Mrs. Kangaeroo instructed me to bring her a couple of branches, and I acceded immediately.

Within minutes, she had made them into a glorious bouquet.

I was absolutely thrilled. It looked fantastic, and the flowers had come from our garden!

It’s hard to describe the sheer delight I felt at recognizing this fact. I’m utterly bewildered why seeing the bouquet had such a profound impact on me, but the flowers and Mrs. Kangaeroo’s adept handiwork brought me immense joy. (Hope it’s not sign of a manic side of bipolar disorder!!!!)

Silver (left) and golden (right) wattle. The golden wattle is the national floral emblem of Australia.