Daily Life

Purple Heys!

Kangaeroo Corner is welcoming the slow onset of spring with a little shock of violet offering greetings and warmth in more ways than one.

At the moment, our garden’s most prominent flowers are some hardenbergia creeping up a frame and showing off a bright shade of purple and specks of white.

The tiny blossoms are adorable, but they’re also bringing me the wholehearted joy of being the first-ever flowers I have grown by myself from seed.

I’m somewhat amazed by how much effect their appearance has had on me, which is perhaps a little over-exaggerated, but it is what I’m feeling anyway. It’s a mild sense of accomplishment and adds some color to my activities, which have tended to be carried out in a gray cloud for quite a long time now.

I never knew these (or many other) plants in Australia, but am delighted now to get to know and appreciate what’s often referred to as the Australian native wisteria.