Daily Life

Foo, Gee!

May is, for me, the most delightful time of the year in Tokyo, and I was doubly blessed this morning when greeted by the sight not only of Mount Fuji, but with snow on top.

Fujisan, that iconic symbol of Japan, is notoriously camera shy and it’s a rare day indeed to get a clear view of the mountain outside of the colder months from say, late November through to March.

When you do get to see Mount Fuji in warmer times, more often than not it is a view of the bare mountain.

But today, just a couple of weeks away from summer and at a time that is customarily warm, Mount Fuji presented itself in its most famous attire, with snow adorning its cone and appearing to be melting along its slopes.

It’s still a glorious sight to see even after 35 years of life in Japan.

Fuji is so majestic, it’s not hard to see why it has always been regarded as sacred.

And while I may now be going a bit too much into the waffling area, it was heart-warming to be greeted by such a view now, when nature normally turns its attention in different directions.