Spinning Out Near the Sacred

Mount Fuji is glorious!
For better or worse, like much of the rest of the world, Kangaeroo has been confined to home for the past year due to the covid pandemic.
It has not been all woe, though. One benefit is an almost daily opportunity to cycle along the Tama River.
There’s a cycling road about 50 kilometers long running for most of the way on both banks of the river, which once served as the Japanese capital’s main water supply.
Mount Fuji is notoriously shy and only shows its face with great clarity for a few months each year, unfortunately those times being the colder months. But the majestic mountain overlooks the Tama, creating a spectacular backdrop when it can be viewed. It’s not hard to see why Mount Fuji has been regarded as sacred in Japan for centuries. It is still a breathtaking sight with every view.