Daily Life

Bees Knees

One of the most striking aspects of my last visit to Oz (in the early southern spring of 2022) was seeing how honey bees swarmed around bottlebrush trees, clearly enjoying their presence and making me wonder if Japanese bees would like the callistemon in our garden.

We got the flowers, but didn’t see too many bees until last week. Bees are great for gardens because they pollinate flowers and play a crucial role in diversifying the environment and attracting other creatures, such as birds.

And the rumor mill must have been abuzz as the bottle brush in our garden is now a hive of activity.

As I’ve mentioned ad infinitum, garden is a delight and I only got to learn about it about three years ago. one of the great delights of gardening has been the opportunity to share its delights: not just the joy of growing something and watching its development, relaxing in the greenery and presenting friends and neighbors with plants and flowers, but also providing space for creatures like birds, who love the Fountain of Strewth, and now the bees. The delight is indescribable! And even more wonderful because it was totally unexpected.