Craving Procrastination, But Will Procrastinate Tomorrow

Seed starter kits

Well, what a bloody awful rabbit hole to fall into.

Today was supposed to involved delivering choccies to some cycling associates in Kawasaki.

But getting up and about with half an hour or so free before Mrs. Kangaeroo was due to head off to work and hanging out with the dinosaur led to messing about on the computer.

Unfortunately, this opened the door to a reacquaintance with Osama, a delightful performer who made his name playing renditions of famous Western tracks mostly from the 1970s in Japanese in a style he calls 直訳ロック (chokuyaku rock, “literal translation rock.”)

Didn’t take me long to be rolling around the floor at the hilarity.

Single kit

And that led further into a rabbit hole.

There will be more from him in the future, I’m sure. And others of his ilk.

All the while, Dino the dinosaur was clearly feeling out of sorts. She appears close to laying again, which is really dangerous. The vet told me not to let her put too much weight on. Considering my lifelong struggles being fat, I probably wasn’t the best recipient for these instructions and Dino has already added so much she’s in danger again. (And I am beating the shit out of myself for being a bad carer of a precious life again.)

Anyway, it’s now almost 2 p.m. and I have done nothing. The chocolate run is off because the potential recipients seemed disinterested and I didn’t want to push as we have never actually met.

With glorious weather this weekend, I planned to get the seed planting process started using the seeds I brought back from Oz last year.

Lit starter kits…this will be the key to propagation

Need potting mix, don’t I?

I had planned to go and buy some as soon as the store opened, but am still sitting here.

Will head down very shortly.

In the meantime, I set up the starter kits. I’m also bought Pearlite and Vermulite to add to the potting mix. I got some amazing instructions from Alex the Aussie gardener, too, so I hope I can put these into practice.

I need to learn how to use the starter kits, too.

Gonna be fun….if I ever move my arse and actually do something.

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