Fountain of Strewth Frozen Over!

It’s a gloriously sunny morning today, but bloody freezing, as attested to by the Fountain of Strewth freezing over.

Birds are coming to Kangaeroo Corner throughout the day every day at this time of year, largely to enjoy a drink or a bath from the Fountain of Strewth.

I broke the ice so our avian mates would be able to imbibe if they wanted to, but couldn’t refill the bath as the hose has frozen over.

My sports drink formed ice crystals during the morning ride.

I’m not a great fan of the cold, but Tokyo has a pretty good winter if you have to have one. It’s generally sunny and the days are bearable. Even the late nights and early mornings are OK if dressed appropriately. The air is often clean, crisp and invigorating. And I absolutely love watching the birds come to bathe in our garden: it surprises me the extent of delight such a sight brings to me.

This week is supposed to be cold all week. Statistically, we’re in the coldest part of the year. It’s the most demanding time for Aussie plants and we went well below zero this morning.

I’ve wrapped protective covers around the frailest of the plants, which are mostly those still in pots, and refrained from watering in case the water freezes overnight and harms the roots. I’ll hold off until the weekend, when it’s supposed to get a little warmer. I noticed the kangaroo paws looking a little worse for wear this morning. But I have faith they’ll be hardy enough to get by over the next few weeks.

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