Glorious In Nearly Every Direction

This morning was an absolute ripper, with a fantastic full moon setting on the ride upstream and the rising sun resplendent in its glory as it came up over the Tama River when heading downstream.

In-between, mists formed over the river, making it feel like I was cycling above the clouds at times.

It was truly breathtaking, yet again.

The day was also reasonably pleasant, cool rather than cold.

It was truly a morning to savor.

Of course, things are never that easy.

I woke in the middle of the night, full of anxiety and fear yet again.

I’m in trouble at work, with a harassing boss and fear-filled performance that is further fueling that badgering from above.

What’s worse, Kangaeroo Mum and Kangaeroo Father-in-Law are both ailing, and we have been warned to prepare for the worse.

Everything seems to be falling apart today.

Despite waking early, I kept messing up preparations and ended up leaving home later than usual.

I also rode slower than normal, though there was nothing in the conditions to have caused this: in fact, it was perfect for cycling, dry, clear and windless.

Glorious conditions led to lots of photo stops, though.

And, well into the trip, I realized I was supposed to have given Mrs. Kangaeroo a wake-up call and had forgotten to do so. I called to make sure she made it to her early shift on time.

As I drew close to home, our paths crossed, so I knew she had made it.

There is no work on my schedule at the moment. I am filled with dread that I am going to have something awful dumped on me, which is typical of the harassing boss’s behavior.

Why do I get this way?

There was some decent news. Continuing my uncanny ability to break, lose or destroy anything, I dropped my basically brand new action camera yesterday, breaking the casing and losing the SD card used to store the video footage I took.

The camera seemed to be functioning properly, though. And today’s ride proved it, providing some sort of relief.

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