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The Rising Sun Just Stole My Heart Away

With only mildly sincere apologies to perhaps the ultimate bogan band, Cold Chisel, this morning’s rising sun just stole my heart away.

Although Jimmy Barnes and the Chisels had their girl stolen, I had mistakenly believed it was their heart.

But the title was too good to throw away, so I had to tie them into this in some way.

It’s been a somewhat lousy week, mainly because I have been flat out and it has stopped me from riding regularly.

Mrs. Kangaeroo was on night shift last night.

As always when alone, sleep didn’t come easily.

I got to crunch out a decent chunk of the work that needs to be done, though, so insomnia was a nice silver lining.

With drizzle on Monday and oversleeping through my alarm yesterday, today was the first time I had been able to head out in the morning with anything like resemblance to my normal pattern.

It’s a little chilly, but this week has become noticeably lighter.

I was still using a 2,000 lumens light to see my way for 3/4 of my morning ride just last week.

Now, I can basically turn off the light at about the halfway point of the ride.

It’s still murky, especially on days like today when the clouds are out, but it is nicer and much more accommodating for cycling to be able to do it in the light.

And it was those clouds that joined the rising sun to put on an absolutely magnificent light show this morning.

The beautiful sky came totally out of the blue as there had been no indications earlier that it would be so sensational.

But as my time cycling along the Tama River drew to a close, I was greeted with a huge yellow disc emerging over the horizon.

Many of the other cycling road users were gasping in awe at the sight.

It was a wonderful chance to actually greet some people as we shared the wonderful moment.

I felt really blessed.

And then, just as quickly as the sun had put on its show, it had risen to a height where the clouds obscured it once again.

And it was back to reality and normality.

Get it Over and Done With!

Glorious morning today

Though I had no legs, I was gifted with a glorious morning today.

Nearly every day this week has been tough going in the pre-dawn hours.

Wind was the main scourge, and there were a couple of days when I had to take irregular routes because the wind was so strong that riding through it threatened to leave me too tired to work.

It proved to be a wise decision.

Cold, which is only natural at this time of the year, and errands, which were extremely frustrating and ultimately fruitless, were other factors that ate into my riding.

Anxiety and nerves have had an impact on life, too, and these have not been helped by an abusive, vindictive boss.

Still, today was a great start, with the sun rising to bless me with some beautiful views.

The mornings are noticeably lighter, which helps lighten my heart.

Still, I’m a little worried. Today I must interview a potential co-worker. My role is uncertain and conducting the interview together with the abusive boss leaves me questioning myself.

The applicant is an outstanding candidate and everything sought for by the abusive boss who has been impossible to satisfy.

Yet, everyone who has worked with the boss has had trouble. I feel conflicted at needing to convince the candidate to work with us, knowing that they may be made to struggle hereon.

Here’s hoping I get some quick wisdom.