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Shark biscuit (bikkie)/新米のサーファー

Shark biscuit (bikkie)
Australian English

Somebody new to surfing. Many sharks swim in the waters along Australian coastlines. Surfers who are unsure of themselves are in danger of becoming a meal for the sharks. Sometimes, bikkie is used instead of biscuit.


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Plain English
Shark bait

It’s Sal’s first time surfin’, so she’s a shark biscuit.サルは、サーフィンが初めてだからボードから落ちる。It’s Sal’s first time on a board, so she’s shark bait.
Nothing’s funnier than watching a shark bikkie try to hit the waves.サーフィンが初めての人を波乗ろうとすることほど面白くおかしなものがない。Nothing’s funnier than watching shark bait try to hit the waves.

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Australian English
1) This is the typical Australian term to describe a biscuit or cookie.
2) It is also used to refer to the amount of money a person earns in the form of salary or wages.

1)    クッキー
2)    給料。サラリー。ギャラ。お金。

Plain English
1)    Cookie
2)    Money

Bikkie-usage examples

I have a bikkie and a cuppa for brekkie.朝食は、クッキーとコーヒーだ。I have a cookie and cup of coffee for breakfast.
Work in finance to bring in the big bikkies.金融業は、いい給料がもらえる。Working in finance pays a high wage.

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