Biking Beauty

I’ve been alternating between busy and broken over the past few days, resulting in fewer posts and less cycling, but still lucky enough to catch some tremendous snapshots of the bike like the ones here.

Work has been proceeding at a furious pace as we have not replaced people who have left and remain terribly understaffed.

It’s hard to get motivated, too, as my employer tried to cut my wage just days after inking my current contract and doing nothing to reassure me that they will not try the same thing again this year: if, in fact, they even offer me a contract at all.

A quick update. Friday night I went to a presentation given by a mate’s cycling tour business in Italy. DORY BIKE. It looked like an absolutely fantastic operation and the guy who sat next to me on the night won a tour. The operators did an outstanding job of presenting their business and I found it inspiring.

Saturday was basically a write-off. I woke and it was raining, turned on the telly and hit bum out mode. Halfway through the day, I remembered that I had a job due and got stuck into it.

Mrs. Kangaeroo had a night shift. Normally, I would ride the death machine into town and take my time coming home, but the weather was miserable and none of my mates would be around, so I stayed glued to my seat and watched YouTube, falling asleep on the couch.

Sunday promised a lot more, and delivered enormously in the end, but in no way as I had expected.

Although the forecast was for sunny weather, I woke to gloom and drizzle, which was a perfect match for my mood.

A renovated apartment on the top floor of our building was having an open house viewing today, so Mrs. Kangaeroo and I planned to use this as an opportunity to have a gander and take some photos of Kangaeroo Corner from above. But the apartment never opened.

A planned visit to Tama Hills at the end of the month got thrown into disarray through an organizational misunderstanding, continuing my somber mood as I had invited my daughters to attend and now had to tell them that they couldn’t. The elder of the girls told me that she wanted to meet anyway as she had something to report to me. Repeated requests did not result in the divulging of information that I sought, but I have my guesses, prime of which has to do with her having married in recent months.

Then, a great mate and employer from Japan Biking called me and we had our first long chat in a few years. He has gone through some tough times thanks to covid, but his kindness and warmth remained unabated. Hearing from him lifted my spirts enormously.

The weekend ended with a short shopping trip that constituted my only ride for the entire weekend and I got to stock up on a huge amount of German chocolate.

Sunday night was another rough night and Monday morning didn’t start well, being chilly and with gloomy skies.

But as the morning ride neared it’s end, the sun broke through the clouds and looked absolutely magnificent, giving me some glorious shots.

As had been the case the previous day, less than pleasant starts morphed into outcomes leaving me contented.