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Little Girl’s Story Opens Door to Aussie Animal Boom in Japan

Scenes from Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow

Back in the early ’80s Australia did not command a great deal of attention in Japan (to be honest, it still doesn’t command that great a presence to this day…)

Things changed, however, with the launch of Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow.
Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow was an anime by Nippon Animation that aired weekly from January 10 to December 26, 1982.

The cartoon told the story of Lucy-May Popple and her family, who had emigrated from Yorkshire to live in Adelaide, Australia. The story was based on a book called Southern Rainbow by Australian author Phyllis Piddington. The anime would be translated into numerous languages and aired in many countries outside of Japan.

The DVD cover

The cartoon introduced Japanese audiences to all sorts of Australian animals that were then largely unknown. Among the Australian creatures featured on the show were kangaroos, platypuses, wombats, kookaburras and koalas. There were no koalas in Japan when the cartoon aired, but the marsupials would sweep the country of its feet with their cuteness when the first koalas arrived at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya two years later.

Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow was part of the World Masterpiece Theater, a yearlong series that featured an anime adaptation of a famous book. Among those who worked on the series were Hayao Miyazaki, who had already left Nippon Animation before Lucy-May of the Southern Rainbow aired. World Masterpiece Theater aired from 1969 to 1997, then resumed after a 10-year hiatus and continues to air now.

豪のクリスマス・ソング:Twelve Days of Christmas Aussie Style

BeachSanta クリスマス・ソングと言えば恐らくまずこの「クリスマスの12日間」を思い浮かぶ人が多いだろう。

On the 12th day of Christmas
My true love sent to me
12 parrots prattling,
11 numbats nagging,
10 lizards leaping,
9 wombats working,
8 dingoes digging,
7 possums playing,
6 brolgas dancing,
5 kangaroos,
4 koalas cuddling,
3 kookaburras laughing,
2 pink galahs,
And an emu up a gum tree

An Aussie Chrissie (オーストラリア独特な英語によって物語れている物語)
Strine Dictionary

本物の膨大な3mミミズを称える250mのGiant Worm

Giant Worm, Bass, VIC

 そして、そのジャイアント・ギップスランド・アースワームというミミズを称える「Big Things」であるGiant Wormも同地方バス町に所在している。
 オーストラリアのダサイ文化の象徴である「Big Things」の中ではこのGiant Wormがちょっと特別な存在である。

Giant Gippsland Earthworm

 巨大な物を称えるだけじゃなく、長さ約250メートルもあり「Big Things」の最もビッグなものだ。おまけ、実際に入りジャイアント・ギップスランド・アースワームの博物館の見物もでき、同ミミズのおなかの中にいるような体験もできる(何でミミズのお腹の中に居る体験をしたいのかを別において置いて、やろうと思えばここで出来る。)
 また、Giant Worm入場券(有料)と同じ券で近くのウォンバット牧場の入場も可能。



Marsupial Attacks!