Love The Way You Lie

Death Machine at Koremasa

Kangaeroo got a much better day than expected today, Japan’s National Foundation Day but not a holiday because it fell on a Saturday.

Waking, Your Humble Narrator (to borrow a turn of phrase from Anthony Burgess) was greeted by a winter wonderland from the previous day’s snowfall.

There would be no customary morning bike ride on this day.

Instead, with great community spirit, Mrs. Kangaeroo suggested Kangaeroo get his morning exercise by shoveling the snow off the paths so none of our neighbors slipped and hurt themselves.

So, it was out on the shovel and into the snow. And great fun it was, seeing the path re-emerge on the northern side of the apartment block that gets little sun.

By the time the task was over, it was becoming clear that it was gonna be nice weather.

With Mrs. Kangaeroo working nightshift there wasn’t gonna be much riding this weekend, either, and Kangaeroo enjoyed a delightful morning together, punctuated by a call from Kangaeroo Mum, who continues to thrive.

Then, on the cusp of lunchtime, Kangaeroo’s closest cycling cobber offered the chance of a ride. With some trepidation due to lingering ice, Kangaeroo jumped at the chance (especially having refused repeated invitations in recent months) and it was off on a ride of sheer delight in the unseasonably warm day with a tantalizing taste of spring. The day was made better by being with a great made and then topping it off with a fantastic nut caramel slice at Cross Coffee that was simply delectable.

From there, it was home and back to the original plan of riding the Death Machine into town for the Saturday night evening, comforted in the knowledge of not needing to rush home.

Well, the ride was probably the best-ever on the mercurial recumbent. The warmer weather was simply wonderful and the Death Machine performed superbly.

As is often the case as age makes it mark further, Kangaeroo slept like a baby throughout the meeting.

The highlight of being in town was getting to see an alarming lifelike Yayoi Kusama robot. If the artist who has spent the past four decades or so living in a mental hospital is not immortal, LVMH has certainly immortalized her (in a kinda creepy fashion to be honest).

The journey home was uneventful and fast, though the series of hills around Aoyama and the Kaidori Wall meant the overall average speed of the trip was not great.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful day!