Daily Life

Flake News!

Tokyo, or at least the hillier Tama part of it, got dumped by a heavy snowfall on Friday, turning the place white.

Kangaeroo Corner’s trees, never keen on the cold, struggled with the heavy snow clogging their branches.

It did look good, to be fair dinkum.

But it was another source of worry for the worry wort writer.

Amazingly, just a day earlier, Kangaeroo was thrilled when hit by direct sunshine and felt the warmth of the sun, seemingly for the first time in months.

And the weekend is set for temperatures in the high teens.

Notable performances include some of the lights turning on despite being covered in snow.

And the Fountain of Strewth! Of course it kept working even as the water in the fountain was replaced by snow and ice.

Surprisingly, the Crop Circle created on Marsupial Meadow (when Kangaeroo used boiling water to deal with an ant hole) remained uncovered for a significant period before being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of falling flakes. Mysterious, indeed!