Crikey! What’s Going On Here?

Crikey, is colder than ever before and I’ve got no explanation for what is happening.

Let’s get one thing straight, first: has never been hot!

This website started in March 2010 together with a sister site (now defunct) called, which had a record of attracting more than 35,000 visits in a single day not long after it opened, but was shut down by a DDoS later that same year., to the best of my knowledge, has never had more than five visitors in a single day!

This site, centered on the Strine Dictionary, was supposed to help people get their heads around Australian English, which when the site opened had only been on the TOEFL test for a couple of years.

Nobody showed any interest!

Then, there was a few years of showing a quirky side of both countries, as well as interesting stories about them if I could find them.

Then a few years of complete inactivity, so something close to that.

But in recent months, I have tried to revive the site as something like a journal.

Biggest problem with that is that I lead a fairly quiet life.

And the site reflects that…..I got a message this morning to say that last month I had a record low 29 visits. For the entire month!!!! Nothing like a smidgen of humility to keep ya grounded.