Daily Life

Bouncing in All the Wrong Places

Despite the presence of kangaroos and their proclivity for jumping, there’s a bit too much shaking and bouncing going on in and around Tokyo, with dozens of earthquakes shaking their nearby Izu peninsula over the past week or so.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake that crushed large parts of Tokyo and Yokohama, killing over 100,000.

And that quake was preceded by quakes in the same area that they’re happening now.

Tokyo is overdue a natural disaster with earthquakes and volcanoes frequently smashing the metropolis every few decades in its roughly 4 1/4-century existence. (There have been a few man-made disasters that ravaged the city, too.)

Anyway, my approach will be to have the emergency bag ready, and to stop sleeping naked.

At least the garden will be looking nice if the Big One does hit.