Daily Life

‘Bitch-face’ Lovebird

I’m the ‘proud'(?) parent of a rosy-faced lovebird, who I must admit brings an immense amount of joy into my life, but I also learned a new Japanese phrase over the weekend that perfectly sums up these tiny avian pterrors!

Kozamesu, a contraction of the term kozakura inko mesu, literally a female rosy-faced lovebird, is a term used to describe the feisty nature of the birds.

A loose translation of the word kozamesu could be something like bitch-face lovebird. And my experience suggests the term is spot-on!

From the almost constant and often painful biting, aggressive defense of anything perceived as territory, our Dino is certainly short-tempered.

From the first day she joined us almost three years ago, Dino has been a fierce little bundle. Just about everybody who has come into contact with her at our home has been bitten. I currently have a huge sore on my bottom lip after receiving one of her “kisses.”

But Dino is also a source of great comfort and joy. She is clearly delighted by our presence and her love for Mrs. Kangaeroo and I is undoubted, even if she sometimes has some funny ways of showing it.