Daily Life

Budding (and Blurred)

Spring can’t come quick enough, not just for me, but also for the blossoms in Kangaeroo Corner.

For weeks now there have been signs of flowering in the garden.

The silver wattle (acacia dealbata) has shown signs of budding since at least the middle of February, looking to repeat its wonderful bloom from last year when the tree turned into a series of puffy, yellow flowers.

Next to it, the golden wattle (acacia pycnantha) seems poised to burst forth in a blaze of aureate befitting its third year in the garden and flying the flag as Australia’s national flower.

Also pleasing is the prospect of seeing hardenbergia come forth in purple, as at least one of our four plants seems poised to do. These would be the first-ever plants I have grown from seed to have flowered, so there’s something a little extra special about these.

Keeping me grounded are my photos! I’ve been trying to plug photography as a skill in my increasingly fruitless job search. I had the chance to write a quick blog post with some photographic accompaniment due to inclement weather rendering my lunchtime bike ride impossible. As you can tell, perhaps a little more time and care could have gone into today’s shots!