Daily Life

Slice of Heaven

Kangaeroo Corner, the name I give to our garden even though it’s not a corner but close enough anyway (which kinda sums up my life) is a little slice of Godzone for me.

Gardening had never entered my radar until Mrs. Kangaeroo and the amazing Alex Endo presented us with an Aussie native plant garden just over two years ago.

And while much of my life has entered something of a downward spiral since that time, the garden has been a little sliver of great joy.

It’s really ironic as mum and dad were avid gardeners and dad even did it professionally.

Of course, I never took enough interest to get involved because I was too full of myself.

Weather has been lousy for the past few weeks, mainly being bleak and cloudy. The lack of sunshine has a poor effect on flowers.

Lovely gift from a neighbor who just visited the UK for his daughter’s 50th birthday. Coincidentally, she is married to a bloke who shares the same surname as me!

Nonetheless, I got to get out and potter around with the plants this morning ahead of another day expected to be overcast and then rainy.