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Well, That Was A Surprise!

Unexpected cherry blossom

Nature delighted me this morning when I went into the garden and found something I would never have expected: Our cherry tree was blooming! This came weeks after most cherry blossoms had flittered away in the Tokyo area and long after we had given up hope of our plant blooming.

The little flowers were tremendously enchanting and gladdened my heart and soul.

The garden overall is playing a pretty similar role as the April rains bring their nitrates and give the greenery a bit of extra sparkle.

I’ve also been lucky enough to install an arch that I hope will play a number of roles in Kangaeroo Corner.

I transplanted a potted hardenbergia into the ground and have got it climbing up the sunny side of the arch (I hope!).

Should the creeper thrive as it has done so far, I hope it will climb up the arch and provide some shelter for the tree fern beneath it.

The tree fern is a crucial part of the garden for me because it reminds me of the Sherbrooke Forest area where I grew up, and it takes pride of place in the garden.

But it struggled in the oppressive heat and the direct sunshine that blasted through the summer of 2023, so I want to take precautions while I can.

I’ll also use the arch to hold a shade over the tree fern for extra protection in the hottest, sunniest parts of the year.

And, as a little Japanese tit showed me while installing the arch and transplanting the hardenbergia, it’s also a great perch for the birds visiting Kangaeroo Corner and looking for a fillip from the Fountain of Strewth.