Daily Life

So Close…

Mid May, now basically, has become a tantalizing time of the year for me, with most of the spectacular blooming of the gorgeous Japanese flowers like cherry blossom, wisteria and azaleas (to name a few) having ended, but the Aussie plants in my garden not quite ready to spring forth.

Plants are budding and growing, but flowers are few and far between now.

Our garden superstar, the grevillea, has finally started to show a bit of flower growth with lots apparently still to come. I need to learn about deadheading to make the bloom a bountiful one.

Kangaroo paw are budding in pot after pot (including the neighbor’s wonderful specimen) and I simply can’t wait.

And we are finally getting some bottlebrush action with the callistemon full of buds and three partly formed blossoms.

Banksia and protea are growing, but the signs of flowering are less certain.

There also seems the possibility of the myrtle blooming again, but nothing from the southern sapphire or snow in the summer as of yet. All are providing delight as I continue to feel as sick as a dog from the cold that has been plaguing me for weeks as illness continues to ravage my 2024.