Daily Life

Shots for Paws-terity

It’s an unbelievable joy to be able to go into the garden in the mornings and see the kangaroo paw grown from seed flourishing so well. Today I captured some photos for posterity, which was prompted by the solstice and realization that days are getting shorter from now onward.

The flowers are growing unbelievably well.

Not all of the plants have flowered, though, which is also OK, but I have been blessed with lots of glorious colors, which has been really pleasing.

Some of the flowers in pots are bigger and thicker than the kangaroo paw I’ve been able to grow in the ground so far.

I attribute that to using specialized soil for Australian plants from HANAGOKORO.

Other flowers are also doing well, especially the real star of the garden, the grevillea that has consistently bloomed from the outset.

And it looks like we might even get to see a banksia flower, which would be our first after three years. But I hope not to get too far ahead of myself for the time being.