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Aussies have a great love for “lolly,” and that applies especially for probably 100% of kids, but naturally it’s a far cry from the “Loli” used in Japanese.


In Strine, a lolly is a candy or sweet. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s an Aussie tradition for any kid to spend their pocket money on a bag of mixed lollies.


While hearing “Loli” in Japanese may put most on their guard, hearing “lolly” in Strine should leave people feeling at ease.

Lolly can also be used at times in Strine to mean money, so listening to the word in context is important.

なお、オージー英語では究極の喜びを表す言葉に「like a kid let loose in a lolly shop(飴屋で放し飼いになった子供のように)」という慣用句がある。また、「do your lolly」を言うと「怒る」という意味もある。
Strine also has a saying, “like a kid let loose in a lolly shop,” which indicates extreme happiness. On the other hand, “doing your lolly” means to get angry.


Incidentally, “Loli” as it’s used in Japanese derived from the manufactured borrowed-word term “Lolita Complex,” is generally referred to in English as “pedo,” an abbreviation for pedophile.

Darrell Lea
The Chocolate Box