Don’t Buy GoPro

Do not buy GoPro! made the silly mistake of buying a GoPro camera.

The camera itself worked initially, but it had a smart remote, which was embedded in a selfie stick. The smart remote didn’t work from the outset. contacted the company’s Japanese support page, selecting the English option for support. This was in May 2018 and it started a yearlong nightmare.

Following GoPro’s instructions, the remote and selfie stick were sent for repairs. Only the remote was sent back. This one didn’t work, either. GoPro, meanwhile, could not be contacted. sent the useless camera and parts to the Japanese agent, telling them their product was a piece of shit that didn’t work.

Months later, the package had been returned, again without the selfie stick and also containing a remote control that doesn’t work.

The upshot is a camera used once in 9 months, now unusable, a useless remote control and a selfie stick the company refuses to replace.

GoPro’s fall from a global success story to a disastrous failure has become a textbook case in how not to operate a business. got a firsthand experience of it.

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