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Doing Something Better than Nothing

Kangaeroo had a rare late night, typically torrid sleep and woke with great reluctance when it came time to take a customary morning cycle.

Eventually, Kangaeroo did get up and drag himself out of bed thanks to the events of the previous day.

For much of December and continuing on into the new year, Kangaeroo had been gutsing himself daily.

Pigging out is a traditional way to greet Christmas and the new year.

And this year was no exception.

With a year of substantially reduced inactivity and greatly increased stress and pressure (that resulted in damaging emotional eating as an attempt to either cope or escape), the pig out season started with a hefty weight gain.

And the new year was welcomed in with a family gathering!

That meant a happy, pleasant gathering was celebrated with a huge banquet!

Feeling terrible prompts over-eating.

Feeling wonderful prompts over-eating.

Sounds like someone has a problem with over-eating….

Therefore, it was time to get on the bike, even if that may not have been the preferred option.

So, it was off into the dark and a 20-odd kilometer jaunt.

There was no great uplift during or after the ride.

But it was still better than nothing, and there is no lingering regret at not going out at all.