Ouch! Taking a Tamagawa Tumble





Kangaeroo took a Tama River tumble today and it was entirely his fault.

Taking his normal pre-dawn ride along the Tama River Cycling Road, Kangaeroo caught a glimpse of an oncoming runner just late enough to be able to swerve away from her and avoid striking her….

….only to slam straight into another cyclist coming from the opposite direction.

The immediate aftermath was the aforementioned conversation.

It seemed like the other bloke and his bike were OK.

We rode off in opposite directions.

La Cangura is scratched and her wheels wobbly. The Wahoo mount destroyed beyond repair.

Kangaeroo is not too bad, with a sore arm and legs, but not too serious, I hope.

The cause of the crash….Kanageroo’s eyesight is pretty bad. It shouldn’t have happened and wouldn’t have had he concentrated more. Just hope the other bloke is all right.