Costly Bloody Crash!

Kangaeroo’s accident this week continued to have reverberations.

Although both Kangaeroo and the bloke he collided with rode away apparently unharmed from their predawn collision, costs have since mounted.

The crash gave greater urgency to updating the chain and gear sprocket on La Cangura, which had been showing signs of wear for a while, and there was also a sneaking suspicion that the gear wire could probably do with replacing.

That proved to be precisely the case with a visit to the Y’s Road bike store later in the day.

The good news was the sprocket and cassette are still in good shape, so I got to get away just replacing the chain and gear wire.

Moreover, the bike shop made the effort to do the repairs on the spot when I had been quite happy to just make an appointment for a fix. I was very grateful.

All seemed good until Saturday morning.

The crash had snapped my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt bike computer mount.

The Bolt is crucial for Kangaeroo, whose sense of direction is so bad fellow cyclists have bestowed the nickname of “Wrongway” on him.

Heading out on Saturday morning to get the computer mount looked at for possible repairs, Kangaeroo noticed it fell off the bike onto the road.

I stopped riding to go back and pick it up only to watch, horrified, as first a tow truck and then a bloody Prius ran over the device.

I ran back and pocketed it, but it was already damaged beyond repair.

Instead of repairs, it ended up with a new purchase.

And that’s a whole new story that shall be continued.