Daily Life

Don’t Think!

A good mate of mine often quotes William Shakespeare’s Hamlet by reminding me that, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Kangaeroo is prone to over-thinking, and this week is looming as a tough one.

There’s plenty on the schedule, both professionally and privately.

And it’s still bloody cold and dark.

Moreover, riding up some hills yesterday and being easily overtaken and outpaced by another old codger, then hearing my heavy breathing along the river this morning sparked another reminder from Hamlet that I am fat and scant of breath!

But in better news, the relatively mild weather of the past few days has hinted at the onset of spring.

And another heralding of the end of winter came upon seeing the neighbor’s plum tree starting to bloom.

There were only a few blossoms, but the appearance of plums mean the cherries aren’t too far away.

And Kangaeroo Corner’s wattle is poised to unleash a spectacular golden bloom soon, too.