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Accidentally Delighted

It was Mrs. Kangaeroo’s birthday yesterday, and taking the day off to celebrate opened the door to an unexpected arvo of pleasantness.

With the morning occupied by what may prove to be fateful events (of which more may come at a later date), Mrs. Kangaeroo grabbed me by the scruff of my ear and dragged me to Shibuya Hikarie to see the Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition.

Asked repeatedly about our intended destination, Mrs. Kangaeroo kept referring to a uesuandaason exhibition that didn’t really sink in for me. I had no idea what a uesuandaason is….until we got to the actual exhibition and I finally cottoned on to the fact that she had been referring to Wes Anderson. I immediately bit my lip, reminded myself that it was her birthday and a day for her to enjoy and followed obediently.

As can perhaps be assumed from the preceding paragraph, I’m not exactly a fan of Wes Anderson, the darling of movie critics globally for the whimsical, quirky worldview depicted in his movies. I once considered myself something of a movie buff and was always attracted by how much Anderson’s films had impressed armchair experts, but no matter how often I watched his movies and how hard I tried to have an open mind while viewing, they’ve never clicked. They’ve always felt insincere and overbearing in their attempts to pull at heartstrings, ironically through subtlety. I dunno. Just my feelings. The upshot is that I have never really developed a liking for the Wes Anderson worldview.

Well, didn’t that change yesterday! (Probably because the man himself was not directly involved, but saying that is nasty <and untrue, because he endorses and encourages the Accidentally Wes Anderson movement.>)

The exhibition was a smorgasbord of the quirky, delightful, colorful, entertaining and magical world that we live in, captured on camera by its sharp-eyed denizens. Rather than have me continue to blabber on about bullshit, though, view for yourself! The exhibition not only allowed, but freely encouraged photography….a first for me in Japan.

Images from the Exhibition

Accidentally Wes Anderson started in 2017 as an Instagram account belonging to a couple in New York and has spread around the world, also giving birth to a best-selling book and, of course, this exhibition. The movement is inspired by images of faded grandeur and pastel colors, which are both hallmarks of Anderson’s work. The exhibition has traveled all around the world and is back in Tokyo for the second time this year, running at Shibuya Hikarie until December 28. I initially balked at what I thought was a steep entrance fee of 2,200 yen, but it proved to be a minor charge for me once I saw the delights the exhibition held. Can’t recommend it enough.

Accidentally Wes Anderson in SHIBUYA tickets