Daily Life

Catching Up with Some Old Mates

From an early morning to a very late night, I got to spend a day filled with chances to catch up with old mates.

Firstly, I raced out to Ueno Park and got to meet someone I originally met while being able to work as a guide for Japan Biking back in 2018.

That trip for a group of touring Aussies allowed me to make some wonderful friends and the relationships have endured for many years.

It was a delight to meet up and a delightful time ensued.

An errand followed that finished up much earlier than expected, but I still had to stay downtown as I had a meeting at night and a concert to attend after.

Given a bit more time than expected, I got to go to Koishikawa Korakuen, which was packed with people apparently expecting cherry blossoms, but they haven’t bloomed yet.

This post was originally longer and full of anecdotes, but the draft didn’t save. Bummer! I haven’t got the time to properly update it as I have a prick of a day ahead at work.