Mother Nature greeted me with a glorious sunrise yet again today as I biked the Tama River Cycling Road.

Most of the ride was in the dark, as is the case at this time of the year just before the winter solstice.

But just as I was leaving the path and preparing for the ride up Tama New Town-dori (avenue) and the way home, the skies turned on a huge smile for me.

Clouds and color made for a great shot.

And my ego got a boost, too, when I was able to casually run down another cyclist on a pricey bike who had clearly been out to outpace me.

The cyclist had been riding on the track atop the levee while I was riding on the road below and I had to give way to him when I left the road and re-entered the cycling path.

Physics was on my side as the inertia gained by hurtling heft pushed me past the other bloke, who looked every bit the wonderful cyclist without an ounce of fat and primed for climbing mountains.

Fortunately for my ego, we were on the flats and passing him was effortless, but extremely rewarding.

If only reality could be so easy.

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