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「やばいリンガル」 Flog (鞭打ちする)


To flog someone in English as it is spoken in most countries would mean to whip them. But in Strine, the word also has additional meanings. Read on to find out what they are.

Apples, she’ll be/大丈夫

apples, she’ll be

Australian English
A common phrase meaning “everything will be all right.” No problem. No worries. Safe and sound.


Plain English
1) No worries
2) No problem.

Apples, she’ll be-usage examples

“Hey mate, I reckon your engine’s bung.”
“Nah, mate. Fixed the sparky.
‘She’ll be apples.”
“Hey, think your engine has had it.”
“No, I changed the sparkplug.
‘It’ll be all right.”
“Those clouds have got me worried about the weather.”
“She’ll be apples, mate. The sun’ll be out in no time.”
“Those clouds have got me worried about the weather.”
“No problem. It’ll sunny again in no time.”

Strine Dictionary

Ankle biter/ちびっ子

ankle biter

Australian English
A small child, especially a pre-school toddler, i.e. somebody only tall enough to be able to bite ankles.


Plain English
1) Toddler
2) Pre-schooler
3) Kiddy

Ankle-biter-usage examples

Ankle-biters love fun and games.ちびっ子は、遊んだり、ゲームをしたりするのが大好きだ。Small children love fun and games.
If you go out somewhere, don’t forget to look after the ankle-biters.出かけたら、ちびたちの面倒を忘れないでね。If you go out somewhere, don’t forget to look after the kiddies.

Strine Dictionary



acne, pimple

Australian English

An abbreviation of acne used to refer to facial pimples.



Plain English

1) Pimple

2) Zit

3) Acne

Akker-usage examples

The big dance was ruined for me because I got a big akker on the end of my nose.鼻に大きなニキビができたので、楽しみにしたダンス・パーティーがしらけた。The big dance was ruined for me because of the huge pimple on the end of my nose.
Akkers are an unfortunate fact of life for teens.残念ながら10代は、ニキビとの戦い時期であるのは事実だ。Zits are an unfortunate fact of life for teens.

Strine Dictionary



Australian English

To be angry, aggressive or aggravated, often after being provoked. It can also be used to describe a fight.



Plain English

1) Aggressive, aggravated, angry, mad, frustrated.

2) A fight.

Wouldn’t go too close to Jacko today, mate.”
“Why not?
“Looks like he’s feeling a bit agro.”
“I’d stay away from Jacko today.”
“He looks like he’s a bit mad.”
My mate got a blood nose after getting caught up in some agro.友達がけんかに巻き込まれ、鼻血がでたよ。My friend got a bloody nose after being caught up in a fight.

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