Japanese long-term resident numbers double Down Under

Japanese long-term residents in Australia doubled over the course of the Noughties, according to the recently released 2011 Australian Census.
The number of Japanese speakers residing permanently in Australia grew from 1,002 to 2,032 from 2000 and 2010, representing a 102.8% change.
The 2011 Census showed there were 21,507,730 people in Australia, of who 43,692 are Japanese speakers.
The total population of Japanese speakers in Australia was made up of 59.1% females and 40.9% males.
And only 204 speakers were involved in a same-sex couple.
Popular suburbs for long-term Japanese residents of Down Under to live in were Chatswood (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Southport (QLD), Adelaide (SA), South Perth (WA), Sandy Bay (TAS) and Yulara (NT).
For more details of the long-term Japanese presence in Australia, highly recommended is the SBS Census Explorer.
More general information on the 2011 Census can be found here.

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