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Gangnam Bogan Style! K-Pop大ヒットの豪ダサイ風パロディ版が注目を浴びている

Melbourne Style
今、韓国K-PopアーティストPSYの「江南スタイル」が世界中に大ヒットが、数多くのパロディ版も発表され、その中オージーのダサイ文化を称える「ボーガン」風のMelbourne Styleが注目を浴びている。
K-Pop artist PSY may have scored a massive global hit with his catchy Gangnam Style, but he’s also inspired plenty of parodies, including Gangnam – Melbourne Style!, a version that celebrates Australia’s bogan culture of the unfashionable.

Incidentally, the original Gangnam Style is here.

The dance mimicking a lasso-wielding horse-rider in Gangnam Style is often cited as a source of the hit’s success, but some among Japan’s Net community say PSY has ripped off moves from an ad produced here years ago by Yellow Cab, a car accessories seller. That video is here. What do you reckon?