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‘Die Jockey,’ ‘Pyscho,’ ‘Odds Calais Summer Days’ & Hugh Jackman’s Other Japanese Lessons

Hugh Jackman while in Japan recently to film the latest installment of the “Wolverine” series of movies.
“Psycho,” “Die Jockey!” and “Odds Calais Summer Days” were some of the phrases given on a Japanese language cheat sheet Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman used recently in Japan while here to film the latest installment of the Wolverine movies.
Far from being anything sinister, though, Psycho was the description given for saiko, awesome, great, outstanding, the best, Die jockey! the rendition of dai jokki, a large beer glass, and Odds Calais Summer Days, which sounds something akin to a vacation on the French coast, but actually refers to otsukaresamadesu, a largely meaningless phrase used to encourage or praise a colleague upon completing a task and that literally translates to “you are honorably tired.”
ジャックマン氏のヒント・シートには「最高」がPyscho(精神病質者< サイコ>)、大ジョッキーがDie Jockey!(騎士、死ね!)とお疲れ様ですがOdds Calais Summer Days(オッズ、<フランスの>カレー夏のの日々)となっていた。
Jackman’s cheat sheet contained some fairly creative examples, but it’s hard to deny they weren’t pretty accurate. They’d also likely give him a handy rudimentary glossary of important terms for his stay in Japan.
Here’s part of the list, courtesy of designer/planner Misuzu Wakaki.
デザイナー・プラナーのWakaki Misuzu氏により、同ヒント・シートの一部は下記にある。
Hugh Jackman’s Japanese Cheat Sheet