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Sandii and the Sunsetz play in Adelaide, 1984.

Sandii, responsible for one of Japan’s first (and extremely rare) marks on Australian popular music charts back in the early 1980s, remains active in the Japanese entertainment world, performing live in Tokyo on Aug. 5 during the Ocean Peoples event at Yoyogi Park
1980年代前半にオーストラリアでヒットした非常に稀な日本人パフォーマーとしてサンディーは、今でも活躍中であり、8月5日東京代々木公園にて「Ocean Peoples」に関連したライブを行なった。
While fronting Sandii and the Sunsetz back in the 1980s, Sandii scored a #11 hit on the Australian pop music charts in 1984 with Sticky Music. A successful tour of Australia accompanied the hit, including a show in the Adelaide suburb of Glenelg as an alcohol-fueled riot that led to 66 arrests broke out.
サンディーは、Sandii & the Sunsetzのリードヴォーカルとして1984年にオーストラリアで11位にランクインしたちょっとしたヒット曲「Sticky Music」をリリース、同年に曲と並行したオーストラリア国内ツアーもアデレード市内で暴動が起こしながらライブを続けたことを含めて大成功を収めた。

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It was only the second Top 20 hit by a Japanese performer in Australian recording history, following her good friend Ryuichi Sakamoto, who charted earlier the same year with the haunting title track from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, a joint Japan-Britain-Australia film directed by Nagisa Oshima and starring Sakamoto and David Bowie.

Sandii performs at “Ocean Peoples” in Tokyo on Aug. 5, 2012

Sandii had limited success with the Sunsetz both globally and within Japan until the band broke up in 1990. She continued with music, often collaborating with her partner Makoto Kubota, until the mid-Noughties when she returned to a youthful pursuit of Hawaiian culture having lived in Hawaii due to her American father’s commitments with the United States Navy. Sandii is now regarded as a hula master and runs a couple of hula dancing schools in the Japanese capital.

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