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Full Seed Ahead!

All humidity pods are now in action

Buoyed by the emergence of buds from everlasting daisies on Saturday and given the gift of desperation on late Sunday afternoon following a weekend of sloth, I planted the last of my seeds from Australia.

With “budding” success from the humidity pods I have been using, I got enough confidence to try some different things with the seeds that I had left.

Most of the seeds I brought back from Australia from my visit last year went into humidity pods last week, and the remainder went in by today: kangaroo paw, desert pea, golden everlastings, native wisteria and heath banksia.

As this was the second lot of kangaroo paw seeds I would be planting, I tried these seeds in trays and will place them outside in the hothouse rather than the humidity pods.

And me being me and unable to accomplish anything without some degree of destruction or failure, I managed to drop a humidity pod and spill the potting mix all over the floor of the living.

Just as I was lamenting my misfortune, I dropped a second pod.

Fortunately, Mrs. Kangaeroo wasn’t around at the time and I could perform a half-arsed cleanup, but it was clear this morning that I hadn’t done a good job of that, either.

Anyway, all the seeds are sown and now it’s a matter of care and waiting.

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