Daily Life

All Sorts of Returns

Kangaeroo.com is back online after a few weeks of being grounded.

The miraculous kangaroo paw….poised to bloom

There were myriad reasons for why nothing got posted.

But an old friend from NewsonJapan played an important and much appreciated role in getting the site back on track.

Other everyday items making comebacks of sorts include my spare tire, career failure, glorious May weather and, beyond all hope, one of the kangaroo paw in Kangaeroo Corner! I’d given up on ever seeing the much-adored flower making a return, so it was a sheer delight to see it bud again.

Less pleasing from a gardening viewpoint was the general failure of the Aussie seed experiment.

I transferred the last remaining seedlings from the humidity pods to pots and moved them outside. I had a single heath banksia and 10 dwarf wattles.

Within three days, all had withered and died.

Nonetheless, there is still a pot containing some kangaroo paw that seem to be growing. If not, they are at least surviving. And some native wisteria have also managed to hang on.

Although I had dreams of giving exotic Aussie plants to all my mates, it won’t eventuate, which is sad.

But….kangaroo paw surviving is enough for me to regard the experiment as a success!