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Rejoining the Fold

I’m really blessed to be able to ride a Brompton folding bike.

I think….

….Anyway, my Brommie is the reason I got hooked on cycling.

I fist learned about Brompton bikes through a work mate who had one. I was already riding extensively at the time on a Dahon folding bike, riding it to a station midway through my commute, packing it away and taking it on the packed public transport for another section and then getting off for the final leg of the journey.

The Dahon Route was an awesome ride, but not made for the heavy duty use I was giving it (including the complete lack of maintenance that resulted from my ignorant belief that a bike should just keep going no matter how it was used, and particularly so the more you paid for it. Brommies are pricey and my expectations were that this expense meant I was buying a maintenance-free treadly. Boy, would I be in for a surprise over the years until I learned to do at least the basics for myself…)

I digress. In short, about a decade ago, bought a Brompton to replace the Dahon, rode the bike absolutely everywhere and became irrevocably hooked on cycling.

Brommies, in my experience, are more than just a bike. They seem to create a bond between fellow riders. I often reach out to other Brommie riders when I see them, and vice versa. Our bikes give us an immediate link.

There is an enormous sense of community surrounding the Brompton and these folding bikes have created friendships for me with people from all over the world.

Brompton in Palace is one such example of this. It’s a bi-monthly gathering of Brompton owners who gather together to just, well…Brompton. We chat, laugh and admire each other’s bikes (covet in my case), take some photos, sometimes go for a group ride, and then head for home.

It was my first chance to take part in maybe five years. At the very least since the start of the pandemic. I had an awesome time, mostly because of the wonderful people I got to meet.

I just love my bike and the world it opens up for me!