Daily Life

Fat-Arsed Friend!

Fortune blessed me with lots of wonderful reminders of how lucky I am yesterday, including through a fat-arsed addition to Kangaeroo Corner.

We held a garden party for close friends and family, hoping to show off Kangaeroo Corner.

A harsh summer, untimely rains and, I think, excessive intervention on my part, have destroyed the lawn, but much of the rest of the garden is thriving.

And now, courtesy of a dear mate and former work colleague, there’s a new addition to Kangaeroo Corner in the former of Fatso, the fat-arsed wombat.

I don’t know the incredible lengths she went to in getting Fatso, but through my own experience in trying to get Aussie-related garden ornaments–in Australia–I know that this is a Herculean task and one that involves considerable expense. I was really moved and delighted to find Fatso hiding in among the agapanthus where he had been secretly placed.

He has now been moved to a more prominent position immediately below the (newly updated) Fountain of Strewth and will get suitable lighting in due time (he already has some paw-print solar lights behind him!)

Mrs. Kangaeroo really laid on the dog, working from early morning through to late night, producing dish after dish of absolutely scrumptious delights, which were down by a delightful group of people, punctuated occasionally by the presence of a dinosaur on her best behavior to make an absolutely magnificent day. These people combined to make me feel blessed, and for that I am deeply grateful.

As for the name Fatso, as every Australian of my generation at least can attest, there could realistically be no other name for a wombat. Fatso was the name of a wombat who featured in the much-loved 1980s drama, A Country Practice, but perhaps even more famously was Fatso, the Fat-Arsed Wombat, the irreverent alternative (and unofficial) mascot of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.