Daily Life


This morning’s ride was like being on another planet. For a brief instant, it seemed like I was riding into one of those scenes of other worlds in outer space that used to be depicted on the covers of pulp sci-fi books.

Unseasonal warmth continues and I still manage to wear a summer kit in the pre-dawn hours one third of the way through November: a time when I’m usually in full-fingered gloves and with at least a vest or long-sleeved summer jersey. Nice! Bring on the global warming (with apologies to the younger generations who’re gonna have to deal with its effects). Mind you, it’s supposed to return to regular weather again from today. We have had an outstanding run this autumn, though.

But the skies were on my side with the out of this world experience, too. I got a brief passage where the moon and Venus peeped through the clouds.

The sun was starting to rise and added some color to the sky. Yesterday had been a magnificent sunrise, so I was tempted to keep riding. But, fortunately, I stopped and took the pictures accompanying this post. It was a good thing I did, too.

Not long after capturing these shots, the skies turned gray and dull. I wasn’t surprised to come home and learn that rain is forecast for today. It will be welcome, even if it means missing a ride, as it will keep our lawn seed moist. Kangaeroo Corner clearly benefits from the rain, so bring it on!