Koala-ified for Anything

Tokyo is a city full of surprises.

And that is the least surprising aspect of the world’s largest city.

Kangaeroo got a pleasant surprise yesterday while pottering through the backstreets of Shinjuku, one of the Japanese capital’s many sub-capitals.

For some reason, Lord alone knows why, there was a statue of a koala and her joey in a pocket-stamp sized park in Shinjuku.

Japan had something of a mini-love affair with koalas in the mid-1980s when Australia successfully sold itself as a tourist destination to more gullible markets and then got greedy with price gouging to compliment the traditionally abysmal service.

Remnants of that adoration for koalas survive to this day, most notably with the popular kids’ snack, Koala’s March.

Still, it was too good an opportunity to pass up the chance of seeing a touch of Oz in Tokyo, so warranted a quick shot with the Brommie.

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