Strange things are at play today, starting with a sunrise that for a fleeting moment created a scene like the cover of a pulp science fiction book from the ’50s or ’60s.

The sun was shaped like a perfect disc and rose above the horizon, turning the early morning sky into a hazy shade of pink.

Gradation of light meant that this blended into the gray and specks of blue that were also evident and made for a spectacular sight.

It was lovely to ride. The light is enormous, and being able to see from the get-go makes a huge difference in the way I cycle. I can let loose and pedal smoothly, confident that I am not going to crash into anything. My nerve is shot, though, and I am filled with trepidation at each corner and overcome by a paranoia that my wheels are going to fall off.

Otherwise, work continues to be a nightmare, which I accept being the norm for the time being, and I am throwing myself into gardening, encouraged by the onset of spring.

Yesterday, given a bit of spare time from not being constantly nitpicked on the job, I could finish on time with enough light left to do things.

I immediately cut off a branch from a grevilia and planted some cuttings. Not expecting much, but it would be wonderful if they worked.

Seedlings we planted last Saturday are looking pretty poorly now. Praying that they will pick up a little. Got some fertilizer coming today. Hope it will be a game changer for some of my plants doing poorly.

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