Daily Life

Blowin’ In The Wind

Tokyo spring tends to be windy, and it is blowing up a gale in the suburbs of the Japanese capital right now.

This morning I got to fly for a few kilometers, backed by a tremendous tailwind.

Of course, barring a meteorological miracle, where there’s a tailwind, there’s almost always a headwind that needs to be addressed.

So, while the first stage of the ride literally flew by in no time, the home straight was a much greater grind.

Still, it did allow me the time to stop and take a look at the late-blooming cherry blossoms, with a stretch of the Asa River adorned with yaezakura and kizakura.

Getting strung out by my garden, too. Some of the seedlings are struggling, and so are a number of my Aussie trees.

We received recommended fertilizer today, but it wasn’t the type designed for Australian native plants that I had expected, which needs to be lower in phosphorus than regular fertilizers.

I have ordered some Aussie native plant fertilizers, but hadn’t received notice on when it would be delivered, so I contacted the seller. Hopefully, it will work the wonders I’m expecting.

In the meantime, I’ve moved some of the struggling seedlings back inside and under the growth lights. I’m praying that will give them something of a pick-me-up.