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No Beef About Getting Some Get up and Go!

580498pAussie Beef is, with perhaps Tim Tam bikkies or Uggies in winter, one of the most visibly prominent signs of Australia in the everyday lives of ordinary Japanese.
Meat and Livestock Australia has a fine track record for selling Aussie Beef in Japan, dating back to the early 1990s after U.S. negotiators forced the market open in anticipation of selling beef the way the Aussies actually have.

Uluru shaped from beef for the MLA campaign in Japan.
Uluru shaped from beef for the MLA campaign in Japan.
Now, Aussie Beef has come out with a new promotional campaign centering on the healthier aspects of beef consumption, offering prizes including beef to the equivalent of a single head of cattle or a tour of Australian “power” spots.
Part of the PR campaign running from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 is a series of commercials featuring some occasionally quirky characters who get their get-up-and-go from eating Aussie Beef.