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日本マクドナルドのAussie Deliバーガーが豪Maccasらしくない!

McDonald’s Australia’s Serious Lamb Burger, on sale Down Under from next week.
McDonald’s Australia has decided to get Serious! Literally, with the Serious Lamb Burger. But, and we’re sorry to be Maccas whackers, the Aussie Deli due out in Japan later this month is, frankly, insincere to Japanese consumers at best, and blatantly false advertising at worse.
 日本マクドナルドが「オーストラリア生まれのおいしさ』をうたい文句に発売するAussie Deliがいよいよ販売開始が近づいているが今週マクドナルド・オーストラリアがほぼ同時に本格的なオージー味であり開発18ヶ月にかけたという「シリアス・ラム・バーガー」を発売することを発表した。
About the only things “Aussie” in McDonald’s Japan’s upcoming Aussie Deli burger are the name and the type of beef used in the patties, a point the local restaurant chain probably recognizes by marketing it as “Australian-born taste” rather than something specifically linking it to Down Under. But at around the same time it goes on sale, the more authentically Australian Serious Lamb Burger will be hitting Maccas across Australia.
As we reported in a Japanese language entry in last month, there’s not much authentic “Aussie” about the Aussie Deli burger due to go on sale in Japanese McDonald’s restaurants later this month.
Fillings in the Serious Lamb Burger
It begs the question “why?” as there have been — and currently are — authentically Australian burgers on the McDonald’s Australia menu in the past, including traditional Aussie burger fillings such as beetroot, eggs and pineapple. (The Aussie Deli, meanwhile, centers around pastrami, a beef that says more “New York” than “Cape York” to us). Even more so because from next week, McDonald’s Australia will start selling a more authentically Australian burger, its first to feature lamb on the menu, the Serious Lamb Burger (and Lamb Wraps). What’s more, its fillings even include beetroot and egg!
Many Japanese palates find lamb and beetroot aren’t to their liking, but they’re actual Aussie tastes. McDonald’s Australia is marketing the Serious Lamb Burger as an upmarket product. It’s been plugging an upmarket line, such as using prime Angus Beef and the like, for the past few years, so the development makes sense.
Serious Lamb Wrap Taster, on sale at Maccas outlets across Australia from next week.
 では、なぜ日本マクドナルドがオージーらしくないバーガーをAussie Deliというのだろう?理由が理解できないし、日本の消費者に対して見下しているような気がしないでもない。販売するオージービーフも恐らくこれおを助長していると思う。何かくさい、、、恐らく焼いているラム肉の匂いじゃないだろうと思う。
All this adds up to why McDonald’s Japan is marketing an “Aussie” burger that has almost nothing “Aussie” about it. We can’t understand why, and can’t help feeling the company is disrespecting Japanese consumers. We reckon Aussie Beef, the Japan arm of Meat & Livestock Australia, has probably got its hands in this in some way, too.
Something stinking in Japan…and we don’t think it’s the smell of the lamb frying.

McDonald’s Australia’s Upmarket Burger Campaign