Tumultuous Times

So much for reverting to daily updates after years of mostly recessed

It has been a week of topsy-turvy turmoil, though, so it’s a little understandable that a long-neglected blog once more fell by the wayside. Or was put aside at least.

Monday kicked off the week with a huge change: a house purchase! Once assumed to be unthinkable, it was actually doable. Kangaeroo was granted a loan that will probably not be completed while remaining on this mortal coil.

Tuesday saw the timely commission of a large job bringing in enough cash to cover the cost of moving house.

Wednesday was the final day of Kangaeroo’s time at the company that had been Kangaeroo’s employer since 2014. Kangaeroo had no idea. We had been told on March 1 that our section was being transferred to another company.

Little did we know that we were actually all being laid off and rehired on significantly reduced terms despite having been told that conditions would remain the same.

Payment amounts and working hours were the same, but benefits essentially vanished.

Wednesday was thus spent initially considering litigation and pondering over how to refuse signing the new contract that had been sent to Kangaeroo with the request that it immediately be signed and a photo of the signature sent in to the old company.

The late afternoon on Wednesday was spent enjoying good company and American junk food on a U.S. military base in suburban Tokyo.

Thursday was a day of resignation. To fate, rather than to employer. In this day and age, it’s lucky to be employed.

Kangaeroo signed the contract, sent it off and adopted an attitude of gratitude toward the new employer.

Making acceptance easier was the continued magnificence of Japan’s cherry blossoms, and the generally fine weather that has accompanied their bloom.

Friday has brought exhaustion.

On top of a regular 40-hour work week, huge amounts of time have been spent doing the outsourcing job, often starting before 3 a.m.

And cycling has not been neglected, logging up almost 450 kms over the week.

But mental and physical drain are the most prevalent feelings at the moment.

The cherry blossom season in Tokyo is nearing its end.

Possibly, there may be one last look tonight at the lit up flowers near home.

We might have to wait and see on that one.

But, if it does happen, it will more than likely take place with the involvement of Sally, the Death Machine.