Daily Life

Well, At Least We Found Out

Kangaeroo’s housing estate has recently been afflicted with a spate of bicycle thefts and vandalizations.

As an avid cyclist, this hit Kangaeroo hard.

Mrs. Kangaeroo’s winter gloves were stolen, forcing her to head out into the freezing cold winter morning with her hands unprotected from the elements.

Kangaeroo’s spare road bike and the death machine were also vandalized and various equipment and accessories were stolen.

Enraged, Kangaeroo headed to the police to report the issue, even if only to be able to received formal notification to enable making an insurance claim.

Astonishingly, instead of largely ignoring a bicycle-related theft issue, as is customary among police in Japan, the officer was extremely helpful in dealing with the case, telling Kangaeroo that a number of people had filed complaints.

Amazingly, within an hour of making contact, the police had found the perpetrator and recovered all the stolen goods.

Kangaeroo had feared a hate crime as his bikes prominently display the Australian flag.

It was over-dramatic.

In fact, the case was sad. The “perpetrator” was a young lad with an intellectual disability. He had not intended to damage anything and the things he removed he simply hoarded.

Kangaeroo was delighted to get his stuff back. And even more delighted not to have filed a criminal complaint (pressed charges). Japan being Japan, those that did file a formal complaint now have to go through the rigmarole of following it through even though there will be no prosecution.