Daily Life

Marching Onward

March draws to a close today, ending the first quarter of the calendar year for 2023 in what seems a stunningly speedy period.

Time is, of course, relative.

Each year, the relative amount of time each period occupies in our whole lives is shorter.

So. it’s only natural that time seems to pass quicker.

At least, that’s how I think it works.

Spring is beautiful in Tokyo, especially when it’s not raining.

After a disjointed week for all sorts of reasons, I got to ride this morning as usual.

With the spate of repairs that I carried out and diminishing functionality, I’ve lost a lot of my nerve.

But on long, straight stretches, I can ride to my heart’s content, and loved doing so this morning.

I was rewarded in lots of ways, such as getting to suck the wheel of a young feller who rushed up behind me, overtook and then gained the pleasure of shielding me from the wind for the rest of our journey together.

In addition, I go to see some wonderful cherry blossoms on one of my favorite sections of the morning ride. And there was added mist for effect, too.

More than anything, it’s Friday. A busy day ahead (grueling and demanding might be a more accurate description)